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"The difference between something good 
and something great is attention to detail."
Charles Swindoll

Welcome to About The Stage!  What About The Stage?  Our mission is to bring thoughtful, creative, cost effective, and smart solutions to your project team, so that your facility can serve its programming goals long into the future.  We exist because of our desire to bring personal attention to our clients, through a culture that exemplifies:


   -  Listening to the needs of project stakeholders.

   -  Study and research into project drivers.

   -  Application of extensive background, expertise, and knowledge.

   -  Passion for what we do.


We control project volume so that we can assure our clients of appropriate commitment to them.  In today’s environment, it is commonplace for larger firms to lose sight of the core purpose of consulting on projects.  At About The Stage, our mission drives our business model. 


At our core, we apply our expertise to advocate for the project goals, on behalf of the owner and operators who will have to live with the decisions we make during planning, design, and construction.  We take this responsibility seriously, and it is the springboard from which About The Stage was founded. 


Our specialty is in the planning and system design of public assembly venues where people gather for cultural, spiritual, or entertainment activity.  We want your venue to thrive and succeed in serving your tenants, patrons, members, and visitors, and that's what we are About!

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