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About ... AV Systems Design

A comprehensive Audiovisual System is a requirement in all modern venues.  These systems typically include:

-  An audio reinforcement/playback system

-  Audio distribution, routing, and control

-  Video distribution, routing, and control

-  Video projection, projection screens, and video displays

-  Paging and background audio systems for public spaces as well as technical areas

-  Production communications such as intercom and show relay for audio and video assistance systems for the hearing and/or visually impaired to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

We work with you early in the design process to tailor your audiovisual system to match the needs of your venue and the anticipated programing.  We work to help establish a budget for the audiovisual system and fall within the budget during each phase of your project. 

Audiovisual systems not only need to fulfill the expectation of your audience, but they must be designed with the skill level of a venue’s staff in mind.  We work with our clients to help determine those needs, allowing even sophisticated systems to be operated by a wide skill range of end users. 

Sometimes a complete audio and/or video system replacement is not what is required.  We can also accommodate your needs on smaller projects such as:

-  Overall system evaluations and master plans for future upgrades or replacement

-  System upgrades or replacement for loudspeaker systems, audio mixing and control, video projection and screens or video displays

-  Audio system tuning

-  End user training

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