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About ... Lighting Design

In the built environment, the architectural vision is only successful if it is properly and thoughtfully illuminated.  Great lighting design bridges the aesthetic needs of the architecture with the functional needs of its occupants.  It also satisfies the technical requirements of building codes and social obligation to the project surroundings and our planet. 


We never lose sight of the design team’s goals.  We strive for synergies in the building, site, and locale, so that the lighting design is an integral part of the project plan rather than an applied afterthought. 


As experts on lighting technology and the specification lighting industry, we provide un-biased design strategies and solutions that best serve the project, independent of manufacturer influence.  This expertise and independence result in cost-effective, efficient, and high quality solutions to the project lighting needs.


We have broad and extensive experience in these areas of architectural and themed lighting:


-  Museums and exhibitions

-  Healthcare

-  Cultural and performing arts

-  Education - higher and K-12

-  Facades and monuments

-  Sports facilities, parks, and recreation

-  Municipal and community facilities

-  Hospitality, gaming, and lodging

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