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Creating the right venue requires an intimate understanding of the performing arts, event, and entertainment world, coupled with the ability to convey spatial concepts and technical needs to the project team.  Critical decisions are made early in programming and concept development phases, and our role at About The Stage is to guide the team through these steps to ensure a successful project result.



Once the program and venue footprint are established, the essential performance systems must be developed that will support events and productions in each space.  We ensure that each system is thoroughly designed to suit the project requirements.  We are involved from design through contract documentation, construction, commissioning, and owner training.  We also follow up after completion to be sure expectations are met and warranty-related issues are being resolved.


av elevation 1.PNG

AV Systems cover a broad scope of systems essential to any venue.  These systems include not only performance systems such as audio reinforcement, microphones or video projection, but also public paging, background audio, production communications, video distribution, and assistance systems for the hearing or visually impaired.  We tailor each AV System to meet the needs of your venue starting with the design process through contract documentation, construction and commissioning. 



Light defines our visual world, evokes emotions and feelings, and even impacts our biology.  Lighting design extends beyond the stage and plays a valuable role in every part of our built environment.  We practice the art of lighting so that each space is functional, aesthetically pleasing, and evocative.      


Many auditoria have never had a rigging inspection.  This is particularly true in educational and community venues.  ANSI/ESTA standards now require annual inspections at some level as outlined in their published standard E1.47-17.  A comprehensive inspection of the entire system is required every five years or immediately if no record of inspections exists.


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