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About ... Rigging Inspections
There is no substitute for public safety.  How safe is your theatre or auditorium?
Contact us today to schedule your rigging inspection with an ETCP certified professional.

About The Stage conducts a thorough audit and inspection of your stage rigging, pipe grids, balcony and box rails, catwalks, and any other production systems used in your performance spaces.

We are a participant in the USITT Rigging Safety Initiative, which sponsors FREE rigging inspections and safety training for schools across the USA.  To learn more, visit

Overhead rigging is not the only hazard in your venue.  We assist in a comprehensive safety evaluation that you can use to lower your risk and strategically plan for improvements.

Expert Evaluation of:

-  Overhead suspension of equipment

-  Fly and rigging systems

-  Fire safety curtain

-  Fall hazards

-  Counterweight storage and use

-  Stage lighting power distribution

-  Show power

-  Pit covers and lifts

-  Pipe grids

-  Track and drapery systems

-  Acoustical shells and reflectors

-  Shop spaces and equipment

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