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Case Study
Magical Theatre Company, Park Theatre Renovation
Barberton, Ohio
Interior Renovation and Theatrical Upgrades
Design Services Provided:
Theatre planning
Theatrical systems
Architectural lighting
Increased rigging capacity         New house lighting position
Digital lighting and controls         Greater production flexibility  
Key Solutions:

Architect/Engineer:  Westlake Reed Leskosky

Completion:  2015 

Built in 1919, the Park Theatre has served since the late 1980s as home to a vibrant children’s theatre troupe.  Earlier renovations created a functional stage platform and converted the basement into production storage and makeshift performer changing areas.  Overhead rigging was unsafe.  Lighting equipment was cobbled together over the years and was inadequate for production demands.  The original art nouveau audience chamber décor and lighting were long gone. 


New work included partial restoration of the house décor, including custom wall sconces to recall the venue’s origins.  House lighting was upgraded to fully dimmable LEDs.  Portable dimmers were replaced with a central rack containing universal modules, and a relay panel was added for

non-dim loads.  A DMX distribution network and a new computerized control were furnished, along with new LED stage lighting fixtures.


The existing rigging was completely replaced with a legitimate pipe grid supplemented with winch-mounted battens.  The sloping roof structure required rigging blocks with swivel hangers to allow plumb lift lines. New soft goods permit more stage configurations, and the audience ceiling light pipe with bosun’s chair was replaced with a safe catwalk mounted front lighting position.  Design services provided while with another firm.

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